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About Me

My name is Wendy Wardrip.  First and foremost, I am a wife to Gary, mom to seven wonderful children, and grandma to 16 beautiful grandchildren.  My children range in ages from 32 to 7.  When my first child was in first grade I decided to homeschool my children, and have been doing so ever since.  Teaching my children awakened a desire in me to learn more.  I became interested in herbs, nutrition,  and alternative health.  I decided to take formal studies and obtained both my Bachelor of Science and Master of Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Health, my ND (Doctor of Naturopathy) from Sandy Hill Institute of Naturopathy, and my PhD in Alternative Medicine from Institute of Alternative Medicines and Research.  Until they announced their closing, I served on the Board of Trustees, Dissertation Committee, and was a Special Adjunct Professor of Herbal Sciences at Sandy Hill Institute for Natural Sciences.  I later became both principal and instructor at The Remnant School of Natural Healing.  Currently, I am focusing on my private practice.

I believe that an individual's health is his or her own responsibility.  There is a time and a place to seek medical treatment, but it is my opinion that more often than not, people run to medical doctors for things they would be better off handling in a more natural or holistic way.  It is my goal to get the message of health out to as many people as possible and to teach them how they can make changes that will enable them to live their lives as healthy as possible.

Though I have done a lot of studying and have a great deal of experience, anything I present on these pages or elsewhere is not to be construed as medical advice.  I am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine, nor can I diagnose or treat any medical condition.  Please do not make any changes without consulting your medical practitioner.